Rock solid engineering since 1987

Here at Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy, the culture of construction has long and honourable traditions.

Throughout its history, since 1987, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt has been one of Finland’s largest rock engineering companies.

Find out more about our history!

  • 1986–1990

    Tarmo Vyyryläinen and Markku Halonen founded Kalliorakennus T.K. Vyyryläinen & & Co Oy at the transition phase of the tunnel sector’s contractor field. The modern equipment and excellent staff created the economic prerequisites for an investment programme and the development in to one of Finland’s leading contractors. kalliorakennus-historia-1

  • 1991–1992

    After the quick development, the company’s operations stabilised at approximately 25 % of the industry’s markets. kalliorakennus-historia-3

  • 1993–1997

    One of the economic history’s greatest recessions was experienced in Finland. The company participated in voluntary work by paying excessively high interest and currency loans. A moderately wide order base and long-term contracts eased the situation. Faith in the future remained and activities were developed in a determined manner.

  • 1998–2002

    Overcoming the depression was slow. Staff training was continued despite the tight market situation, but equipment investments were put on hold.

  • 2003–2009

    The recovery of the tunnel blasting industry and the growth of the market volume allowed, if not required, new investments. A replacement investment programme was initiated, and almost all the required machinery was replaced. New professionals were hired and trained to replace the retiring staff. rb-kalusto

  • 2006

    The company underwent a succession. Markku Halonen, who had been responsible for the company activities for a long time, transferred part of his duties to his sons, Juha and Jukka. Juha Halonen was appointed as the chairman of the board and Jukka Halonen as the executive director. The reform led to the introduction of a new name, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy. lujalouhinta-yritys-kuva

  • 2010–2015

    Kalliorakennus focused on the implementation of large infrastructure projects and public transport tunnels particularly in the Metropolitan area. The portion of construction in the business activities of the Group developed in to a significant role and created a new support pillar for the activities. palvelut_front

  • 2015

    Kalliorakennus Group shall continue to serve its customers with the best possible professionalism. Continuous development and an innovative attitude also create new, interesting opportunities for the future. kalliorakennus-kuva2